Men’s Two Day Work (in Slovenia)

Men's Two Day Work (in Slovenia)

Men’s Two Day Work (in Slovenia)

05/19/2017 - 05/21/2017
7:00 pm

Masculine Mastery

A Men’s Confidence and Empowerment Workshop

An exploration into true confidence, purpose and presence

Join us for an intensive two-day laboratory for men seeking to create success in intimacy and relationships, work and leadership.


This training is for men that seek to live extraordinary lives, knowing that all progress begins with deep inner work. We will use embodiment and relational practices that open your body and heart. This Men’s work will move you beyond the fear of criticism and challenge you to use vulnerability as the ultimate source of power and protection.

These classes are designed to challenge men to:

  • Move from the limited view of sex as a way of releasing tension to sex as a means of healing and deeper connection.
  • Initiation into the path of mature manhood, authenticity and integrity.
  • Become extraordinary lovers, husbands, father and friend.
  • Move from needing external validation to resourcing strength and power from within.
  • Releasing the unhealthy archetype of the blaming victim.
  • Embrace dark aspects of yourself as a personal power tool


What will these classes do for me?

 More true-confidence

More direction in life

An increased sense of purpose

Increase your capacity to be with strong emotions both within yourself and in others.

Increase sexual mastery

Cast aside the victim mentality once and for all

A release from self-doubt and confusion

Richer connection with women and with men in your life

Create a tight tribe of men who become your strongest allies have each other’s backs.

Secret Power

It is an open secret that there is nothing so powerful as being in the safety of compassionate brotherhood and receiving honest and critical feedback.

Men always leave this workshop feeling a huge shift inside of themselves, it will radically change how you interact with the world.


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