About My Work

The sacred warrior conquers the world not through violence or aggression, but through gentleness, courage, and self- knowledge. The warrior discovers the basic goodness of human life and radiates that goodness out into the world for the peace and sanity of others”.  

– Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Why Am I Qualified To Coach You?

In my life I have experienced my fair share of challenges and breakdowns. As a result of these experiences I have been led to study with some of the worlds greatest teachers, I have learned to understand myself more, seeking sacred breakthroughs and inner truths.

I have a burning desire to evolve and become an even better man, partner, lover, father, friend and human being. I am dedicated to my own personal development and strive to live an ordinary life, in which I am courageously manifesting my extraordinary life’s vision. I am living and embodying a life of the mature man and fulfilling my purpose. What all this means, is that I can relate to you, what you’re feeling and any challenge which you may be experiencing. Your inner demons may possibly be ones that I have already encountered and made peace with. Anger, shame, and fear are emotions that I have been training in for many years. Your desires to be a sexually empowered man, to feel satisfied in your career and to make a heightened contribution to the world are the pursuits that I am striving for. I continue to invest my time, money, and energy into my own personal development and growth. What makes me such a sought-after men’s coach is my 30 years of unwaivering commitment to my growth coupled with my professional credentials.

My commitment to you is to fully show up, to hold you accountable for your visions, and to provide phenomenal coaching so that you can achieve huge change in your life. You will experience renewed confidence, mature and healthy relationships, and begin to live in alignment with your true life purpose. My lifestyle and life purpose is that of the New Masculine.


“You are what your deepest desire is. 
As your desire is, so is your intention. 
As your intention is, so is your will. 
As your will is, so is your deed. 
As your deed is, so is your destiny.”


What Does Working With Me Look Like?

Every mans journey is going to be different. There is no cookie cutter procedure or protocol because each man faces different challenges, belief systems, and patterns to heal, they all have different goals for their lives.

Here is an overview of some of the ideas and elements of Men’s Coaching work.

Commitment and Initiation

We begin working together by making a commitment to staying on the path. A man’s commitment to his personal growth is an essential piece in beginning this sacred journey. You must take this work seriously; you are investing in yourself and committing to challenging yourself. You will break through the “ordinary habits and patterns that have kept your sexual life, relationships, finances, your career and life purpose”, limited.


You are going to make a courageous and honest assessment of where you are now in your life. You will become clear on the masculine programming you’ve picked up through your family lineage, culture and upbringing. You will being an inner exploration that will create seismic change in your life.

Facing your largest, most uncomfortable internal challenges

This is a very powerful stage. It’s is not referring to a challenge like ending an unhealthy relationship or getting a new job.  This is about getting to the internal root cause of your external challenges and issues.
We will look at how this challenge affects all the different areas of your life, like: relationships, sex, career, deepest purpose, family life, spirituality, friendships & community, finances and health.


You will begin regular practice to strengthen your masculine essence. This will increase your capacity to stay open and to love in times of closure. You will learn how to embody powerful masculine archetypes that create more confidence and personal power.


This stage is all about gaining crystal clear insight on what your goals for personal growth are. Your intention is the fuel that jettisons you forward, it is your target, and it is your inspiration to stay disciplined in the practices that will change your life.


The practice of embodiment includes tuning into and creating an experiential relationship with a full range of qualities and emotions. Your character qualities can range from the gentle and quiet, to dark and highly expressive. Most men have not accessed a full range of character qualities.  How can you penetrate your woman with your loving, if you’ve never accessed the powerful directive energy of a confident man? In my men’s groups I have seen so many lives completely shift through learning to embody a greater range of archetypal qualities. A few of these are: sexy, confident, present, gentle, loving, ballsy, heroic, protective and provider.


Men use women as a way to deposit their frustrations, this most often leaves women feeling unfulfilled in intimacy with their men feeling depleted. The patriarchy has taught us to waste our sexual energy. With a constant onslaught of images that encourage us to think of sexual conquest as a means to power, no wonder men are sexually disempowered. What if you could harness your sexual energy and use it for good? For a basis of your success and for connecting more deeply in all your relationships? What if you could learn to increase your capacity to love through mastering sexual practice?

What is the New Masculine And Why Should You Care?

There much talk in the world about the concept of masculinity and sometimes in the haze of social media, it can all seem a bit overwhelming.

This is a very important idea to understand. The New Masculine speaks to each individual man and his journey from the old limited paradigm to the integrated and evolving man; it is a way of being that will change the current societal and cultural patterns of the masculine.

People often ask why I focus on men’s coaching, what is my drive and reason for serving men and creating brotherhood?

One of my biggest catalysts is the fact that women and children are still victims of violence and are being raped, tortured, and mutilated around the world. I also deeply consider the devastation of Mother Earth. Not every man is responsible for this, however the world is still operating in an old negative and destructive masculine lineage. Men still run most nations, men create laws, and men hold the bulk of financial resources. If men began to look within, or deepen their introspection, the world as we know it, could radically change.

Men have been taught since a young age how to be or act. The old masculine paradigm teaches men to fear introspection, intimacy, and repress their emotions. And so as we age and begin to face impermanence, we are often forced to look at the way in which we have been operating. We often find ourselves confused, making decisions from a place of fear rather than an open heart and our intuition.

We have created guidelines about what it means to be a man, and how we should behave in our sexuality, spirituality, relationships, and our work. This masculine programming continues to keep men from living a truly empowering life. At a time in our past these roles served men, but our world is now very different. We no longer live outdoors, fighting to survive, we have no need to hunt and conquer. It is time for the New Masculine to rise. So many leaders within the Men’s personal growth movement speak about this rite of passage, which is necessary for modern man, Robert Moore, Bill Kauth, Robert Bly, Sam Keen, Dagonet Dewr and David Deida to name a few.

Many men seeking individual coaching or personal development want the same things. They wish to embody more confidence, to be more fully present with their partners and children, to feel more sexually empowered, to have more skill in dealing with anger, shame and fear. Many men want to have a deeper connection to their sacred spirituality, to live a life of their making; a life in which their work is aligned with their purpose and mission. Ultimately my clients want to live a more heart-centered life, while maintaining their deep, grounded and ballsy masculine expression .

All the men I work with gain amazing clarity about the healthy, mature, masculine qualities, which they have been lacking. They have an experience of embodying new powerful masculine qualities that permeate into every nook and cranny of their lives.

It is absolutely mind-blowing life changing work, which translates into more freedom in career, more fulfilling powerful sex in relationships, more money, more fulfillment, better health, more discipline, and a greater contribution to society.

The New Masculine man is hungry for change, he is ready to break habits that have limited him by living at the edge of his comfort zone. He holds himself 100% accountable for his experience in life and he is free from blaming others for any of his suffering. He has a flexible approach to life with a commitment to growth and ongoing transformation. The motto of the healthy masculine man comes from the Buddhist idea: “everything is workable”.

Who Is This Path For?

This work is for courageous men who are seeking true and lasting change. My clients come from all walks of life, they are: men in the corporate world, celebrities, entrepreneurs, artisans, and blue-collar workers some clients are brand new to personal growth, while other are visionary influencers who have been on a development path for many years.

I have noticed there are similarities which many of my clients share. Firstly these men desire to play a big game in life. They seek to show up as an authentic leader in the world.  Sometimes they have an idea of the path they need to take get there and just need some support bridging the gap.  Sometimes, all they have is the inkling; a great desire for transformation. Secondly, these men wish to be of service and make a greater contribution to the world. It seems almost every man I come into contact with wants to leave a legacy of something greater than just their own obsession with wealth, fame and power. They want to help alleviate the suffering of people on our planet. Thirdly, these men desire greater intimacy in their relationships.  Sometimes this means deepening sexually with their partners and sometimes this is about clearing any obstacles which have prevented authentic honest communication.

This path is for men who are seriously committed to their growth, who are ready to be challenged, and who want to live at their edge. What is most important in this relationship is that we are a right fit.  If you’re really ready to make some huge shifts in your personal life, career and relationships then take action now.

Why Is It Important To Know About Masculine and Feminine Dynamics?

To create a thriving and lasting relationship it is beneficial to understand some of the healthy and unhealthy qualities of the masculine and the feminine. Most of which are due to the conditioning we’ve received through family, society, schooling and elsewhere.

There is no blueprint for how a man or a woman should be; there is no prescription as far as the gender binary goes. But again, through broadening our understanding of healthy, empowered traits of masculine and feminine, we can make better choices in relationship.

You must seek greater awareness of the traits that no longer serve you, and gain clarity on what qualities you would like to embody more of. Through understanding this dynamic you can increase: sexual polarity for more passionate and intimate sex, your mastery of communication and ultimately create a more fulfilling, juicy and conscious relationship.

Learn more about healthy traits of the masculine
(This is a link to my newsletter that will have a pdf about healthy traits of the masculine)

Why Not Do It Alone?
Many men have the mindset that “I can go it alone”, essentially condemning themselves to dealing with undue stress and anxiety. One of the fundamental reasons men do not seek support is because they are programmed, conditioned and molded to be self-reliant.  It is considered weak or a vulnerable to ask for help, often even from our closest friends. We have been programmed to see other men as a threat and as competition. Through being in community with other men, you can learn to lower your defenses and see other men as allies rather than a threat.

If you can lean into the edge of growth around being vulnerable and engage in personal development work with other men, it offers an unparalleled opportunity for growth and healing.  When you connect with other potent and caring men, you have an opportunity to receive powerful and honest feedback about your habits, patterns and tendencies. It helps break you out of self-delusion and gain insight beyond your blind spots.

Men experience accelerated growth when working with other men. For men to evolve we must be willing to ask for support. This cannot be done alone; many men suffer detrimental effects by not asking for help.

If you don’t choose to work with me, I encourage you to join a men’s group or find another coach or teacher. Spending time with other men that will hold you accountable to take some action in your personal growth.

Being initiated into the healthy masculine by another man, is a rite of passage that everyman should experience. Learning to create deep and lasting connection with other men is a crucial piece of being a mature masculine man.

Join the New Masculine.

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