About   Zat Baraka is a unique and highly sought after teacher, coach and speaker in the men’s personal growth and spiritual growth movement. Zat’s radical approach empowers men to live high performance lives, improving the quality of their sex lives, relationships and parenting through cutting edge self improvement. His clients become the leaders, lovers, warriors and visionaries they desire to be. Zat’s trainings empower his clients to demolish old unhealthy programming and encourage them to push their growth to their edge. He leads by example, consistently challenging his own personal and spiritual growth with his mentors and teacher. Working within a focused niche, he trail blazes a path for men to radically transform their relationships, their sex lives, their spiritual lives, and life purpose. He supports men to clear their confusion about masculinity and shift from old unhealthy conditioning. He coaches men into their deepest experience of integrity, helping them create a positive impact in the world by living with confidence in the New Masculine paradigm.

Education That Advances Tradition

His training is extensive, varied and unconventional and includes:

  • Over  twenty five years of continent spanning personal spiritual growth work, with an emphasis on conscious sexuality and relationship, emotional mastery training and fourteen years Tantric Buddhist training in the non-monastic Nyingma tradition,
  • Multiple certifications in Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Buddhist meditation
  • The completion of the Spiritual Psychology Masters programs from the esteemed University of Santa Monica.
  • Over twenty years of intensive men’s group work, cathartic therapy, men’s rite of passage and mens personal development work.

He trains men to be life practitioners, supporting them to navigate the raging waters of sex, money, relationships, spirituality and life purpose with mastery. Using spiritual psychology, men’s embodiment practices, breath work, meditation, real life challenges,  shadow work and many more tools, he helps his clients to radically shift their lives towards their intention. He currently teaches and presents workshops on relationships, sexuality and gender dynamics throughout North America and Asia, within his Men’s Groups and at festivals and conferences. dorje-final-01-hor-gold So, why work with Zat?  What makes Zat the best Men’s Coach? The best speaker? The best facilitator? How can he help bring satisfaction to your life? This is a question we all enquire as we seek out support. It is essential to know that the person guiding us has walked the path we are choosing to embark upon. That they have also experienced hardship and now on the other side, can help us navigate the rocky terrain to find personal freedom, life purpose, confidence, satisfaction and masterful control of our emotions.   Despite his broad education, the certificates he holds, and the hundreds of hours he has spent coaching men, Zat’s expertise truly arises from his own radical journey.


Work With Me


...the images of the right man, the tough man, the true man that he received in high school do not work in life.

Robert Bly

Zat’s Story:

“Growing up in a male dominated household with three brothers, anger was an emotion passed down the bloodline, from my father and his father before him. Our family communicated by shouting and I soon felt an intense cycle of brewing anger, which intensified, into my teenage years. With no emotional education I followed the path of many men before me, releasing the intensity through rebellion and fighting. After each incident I felt regret, shame and self-judgement.  Throughout my teens and early twenties my salvation was music. I was ushered into a world of spirituality through friends and the first spark of MORE began to seep through the inner darkness and demons of my existence.

I entered my first serious relationship and got married at the age of twenty two, still pondering who I was and how to make my dreams manifest. As you may guess I was ill-equipped for deep intimacy and communication and all my dark and unhealthy patterns and habits came to the forefront. This marriage, anchored by intense codependency was a melting pot for negative behavior: shouting, screaming, lying, cheating, suffering, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, name calling, blame and shame, fear and anger all revealed themselves. It was an extremely damaging and painful relationship to be in.

Around this time of intensity I was initiated into a men’s group, this was a catalyst for great change which catapulted me on the path of personal growth. I began to understand the importance of self-responsibility, deep self-inquiry and integrity. Through the strength of a brotherhood of men around me, I confronted some core fears and issues around co-dependency and integrity; I learned that most of my words and actions were appeals for approval. After two years with the support of a brotherhood of men around me, I filed for divorce. In this bleak period, it was the conscious men’s work, which really saved me. I became homeless and lived in my car, but still went to my men’s group week in week out, for nine years in total.

Zat Baraka in his wordsAfter some time a friend encouraged me to move into a spiritual practitioner house, set up for extraordinary and unconventional deep transformation, led by a Crazy Wisdom Teacher. Through his leadership I dramatically challenged and relearned every aspect of my life sex, money, sleep, relationship, personal/spiritual growth and career. I then went on to live in a Tantric Buddhist community under the masterful direction of Pema Khandro Rinpoche, who trained me in dharma practice. I really started to adapt my unhealthy ways and completed extensive training in psychology, meditation and yoga. Every aspect of my life was pushed to the limit and I found that I no longer had any more excuses, I had nothing to hide in this community. I began to understand only I was accountable for my actions and I learned how to channel my anger. Most of the time and money I had was dedicated to my personal development, which has led to my satisfying career.

Whilst working as a yoga teacher, personal growth coach, health counselor and meditation guide I embarked on a Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the much lauded University of Santa Monica. I began to coach my students, one-to-one, which lead me to my life’s purpose as a New Masculine Men’s Coach.

The present day Zat Baraka is very different from the man you may have met twenty years ago. Now, I am a radically present man, not only in relationships, but in all interactions. I live with a fiercely loving heart, as a mature father, partner, friend, and Guide. I understand the importance of being a Practitioner, using Tantric Buddhist education as the root of my being. I love in a healthy way, honoring the powerful woman I have been in partnership with for over four years.”


Zat Baraka lives and works in Los Angeles, California; he is interested in rites of passage, human potential and transformation. When not working in and around these themes, he enjoys travelling, playing music, nurturing his personal network of activated friends and riding his Triumph Bonneville.

He deeply believes that, in order to stop the burning of our planet, to end domestic violence against women and children and to stop social injustice and inequality we must all step out as warriors. He continues to live at the edge of his growth as an authentically healthy masculine man. Within his teachings he holds a deep-seated vision, to create a community of awakened, empowered, productive, heart-centered men with life purpose and satisfying careers. He believes in bettering society and evolving the world, for generations yet to come, by creating a global tribe of New Masculine Men all bound by brotherhood,  to educate and empower their fellow men and the world.

​I’ve seen Zat take men from some of the deepest darkest parts of themselves and lead them out into the light​, with strength and compassion. His methods are dynamic and his work is unique. Zat Baraka has a gift to share with the world, and is someone who has truly walked the path of growth and transformation himself. He doesn’t just talk the talk. His blend of deep spirituality and earthy realness makes him very relatable, and an excellent mentor, facilitator & coach. Highly recommended. Serge Berliawsky, Musician / Yoga Instructor / Business Owner

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