Men’s Immersion

A Five Month Advanced Men’s Group

July 16 – November 5th, 2017


To Advance Men in a New Way of Being: Confidence, Sex, Relationship & Purpose

 Whether you’ve been in a men’s group before or not, this will surely stand out as a unique and powerfully life changing experience for you




What is an Immersion Men’s Group?

This Immersion is a balanced blend of group practice, individualized coaching, and group accountability support. This five month men’s group is a hero’s journey of self-discovery held within a powerful container of brotherhood. This experience will create monumental positive changes in your life. There is nothing like being deeply immersed in inner work with other powerful conscious men. A small group of men will travel on a deep personal growth journey for five months. During our time together you will compassionately work on the foundational issues that keep you stuck in old habits, patterns and tendencies. In this safe, confidential, and compassionate container of men, you will address those inner challenges you normally keep secret. These secret, unacknowledged or ignored challenges greatly affect how you show up in the world, the decisions you make and the actions you take.

Men have shared that they leave the program feeling

-More confidence

-More direction in their life

-An increased sense of purpose and mission

-More skillfulness in being with their own emotions and the people in their lives

-Increased sexual mastery

-A profound sense of presence in relationship

-Release of living with victim mentality

-More freedom from self-doubt and confusion

-A Renewed sense of fearlessness

-Feeling more connection with women and with men in your life

-Massive gratitude for true brotherhood

You Are Ready

-Feel radically supported to live as an embodied, heart-connected man

-Learn essential tools to help you face the endless barrage of intensity in your everyday life.

-Move out of your comfort zone to experience better sex and deeper intimacy 

– Stop playing it safe and redefine how you relate in relationship

-Increase your ability to be authentically confident 

-Gain more clarity on your purpose and mission

-Stop playing small in offering your gifts to the world

-Live a more spiritually centric life

-Learn the power and turn-on inherent in Masculine Presence

-Experience the power of raw, critical, and honest feedback from a group of conscious men

-Experience your own dark energy as dynamic tool to enhance your intimate relationship

This Is Something Different

 I promise you, this is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. It’s very difficult to describe just how transformative this experience will be.

This is a men’s deep inner work, embodied living from your heart and cock, spiritual practice based men’s group!

We draw from many traditions using:




Increasing emotional literacy



Clearing old wounds and stories




What is included?

In-person all day intensive

Once a month (on a Sunday) from July till November, we will meet for an all day group intensive. We begin at 10am and complete roughly at 6pm.

This all day intensive will consist of many practice elements such as embodiment and spiritual practice, breath and movement, deep inner and shadow work, relational and energetic practices.

There is nothing as powerful as being in group practice with other men to ignite your own transformation.

One to One Coaching Call

Each man will receive one 60 minute coaching calls during the program. In this session, you will receive individualized support so that you can address specific areas of your life that require attention. You will be asked to lean into your edges so that you can reach your goals.  This also serves as accountability and motivation.

Monthly Group Brotherhood Call 

Each month we will meet as a group through a video conference platform.  This interactive 90 minute call is designed to provide deep support. Each man will receive group feedback on their particular challenge, goal, project or anything else he wishes support on.



Our first group video call
will be

July 6th, 2017




Flexible Payment plans are available.
This is an application based program.


Our first Sunday in-person
intensive is

July 16th, 2017

Please send an email to or fill this form to apply for the 5-month mens group

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For most of my life, I have not trusted the masculinity in men – including even in myself. After leaving the military at 26, I denied and castrated my own masculinity in countless ways that did a great disservice to the world, and to my intimate female partners.
My dear friend Zat, is doing powerful work to support men in rediscovering the true brilliance of the mature masculine essence.

What I love in particular about Zat’s work is EMBODIMENT. Many Men escape the world by hiding out in our intellects (occasionally striking into the world through sport, violence and/or sex) .

Zat teaches men how to offer the gift of enlightened masculinity to the world, to our intimate partners, without retreating in the face of overwhelm. That’s my edge. I highly recommend his upcoming mastery course to all men.

Bryan Reeves Relationship Coach

​I’ve seen Zat take men from some of the deepest darkest parts of themselves and lead them out into the light​, with strength and compassion. His methods are dynamic and his work is unique. Zat Baraka has a gift to share with the world, and is someone who has truly walked the path of growth and transformation himself.  He doesn’t just talk the talk.  His blend of deep spirituality and earthy realness makes him very relatable, and an excellent mentor, facilitator & coach.  Highly recommended. Serge Berliawsky, Musician / Yoga Instructor / Business Owner


Joe Lamusga