Aaron M.

​I’ve seen Zat take men from some of the deepest darkest parts of themselves and lead them out into the light​, with strength and compassion.  His methods are dynamic and his work is unique.  Zat Baraka has a gift to share with the world, and is someone who has truly walked the path of growth and transformation himself.  He doesn’t just talk the talk.  His blend of deep spirituality and earthy realness makes him very relatable, and an excellent mentor, facilitator & coach.  Highly recommended. Serge Berliawsky, Musician / Yoga Instructor / Business Owner

I heard Zat Baraka speaking at an event and was so inspired that I tracked him down and have been working with him ever since. He has helped guide me through one of the most powerful and transformative phases of my life with his vast knowledge and intuitive wisdom.

His personal commitment to his own growth as a man and as a teacher, is in itself a model of leadership. I am most grateful for the way in which he clearly cut through my bullshit with a strong and gentle heart. If you are ready to step up your game, become a better man, positively impact your relationships and your career, I wholeheartedly recommend Zat.

Eric Watson, Filmmaker

Very powerful! Zat has been inspirational and monumental in introducing practices into my life that continue to keep me grounded and on a healthy, enriched path. His work has helped me identify and remove toxic negative thought patterns that have been recurring for years, and I am now able to see well beyond the limiting beliefs that I had been placing on myself for far too long.

Mark D. Burton, Production Sound Mixer For Film &Television

Transformative and Evolutionary! These are words that while hold complete truth to Zat’s work with me, they fall utterly short of what my time with Zat accomplished. Through Zat’s work I have learned to love all aspects of myself now live more authentically then ever before. I removed old toxic patterns of negativity and no longer have such struggles with jealousy, anger, or shame.

I am now accomplishing several of my greatest dreams and my relationship has become far more stable and enjoyable. Most importantly, I see now that I can experience my life in the ways that I choose, I now have the ability to shape my own future as I see fit. Jabeth Sachs, Healer

I’ve spent a good part of the last 10 years of my life participating in personal development seminars, yoga trainings, meditations, etc to foster my personal growth and discovery. Prior to attending Zat’s workshop series, I felt quite comfortable in my skin, confident in my path, and spiritually peacefully. I knew there was room to grow (there always is) and had specifically been researching men’s groups here in LA.

My initial take from participating in one of Zat’s men’s workshops was that he was a charismatic leader and a lucid & eloquent communicator. I instantly decided to sign up for his workshop series: “Men’s Initiation Journey”.

Zat possesses a deep knowledge of the material he presents and profound emotional intelligence, rarely found in most men I have met. At no economic benefit to him, he has reached out to me on several occasions throughout the course to check in with me and help me unearth the remedy to my personal troubles. I am truly grateful that Zat is doing this work within our community, empowering men to be authentic, confident and to love deeply and fearlessly. I would recommend him to any seekers on the path. Robert P

The program has accelerated my ability to move through life’s challenges with ease, through the power of acceptance and creative solutions. Through this program I am learning to eliminate unwanted and unneeded challenges in my life and health. I am now more accepting of the necessary challenges this wonderful life has to offer me, I do this now with an open heart and open mind. Expect to be guided to the threshold of your comfort zone and allowed to go beyond your normal habitual states of mind and operation. My work with Zat has been transformative. Aaron M.

I am so grateful to myself for doing this work with Zat! I had been so stuck in negative beliefs surrounding my masculinity. I had no idea of how these habits were contributing to my daily unhappiness, awkwardness and lack of motivation. With Zat’s help I have opened up and I am moving past my old barriers. I’ve learned to dissolve challenges through getting into and healing my core issues. I now know that who I thought I was and who I am choosing to be are very different. I am now experiencing a new level of being a man! David G.

Thank you so much for providing the space and guidance for me and other the men to step into their masculine power. I totally enjoyed the process and plan on attending your other workshops. I wanted to share with you that I benefited greatly from the work I did with you. After the class, I came home feeling so empowered and my woman immediately noticed. I look forward to more spiritual warrior work with you in the future. Bradford

Zat’s coaching support has deeply assisted me in uncovering and transmuting any resistance to my value and worthiness, specifically with regards to money. His clarity and heart-centerdness is also helping me to reveal and unleash the life force that has been contained within the limiting patterns, bringing forth a more grounded relationship to Who I Am and more stability from which to share my Gifts, here on Earth. I am grateful for the accelerated abundance and deeper peace that is beginning to emerge! Mykal A.

Before I started working with Zat, I was struggling in my relationships due to fear and low self esteem. But in receiving Zat’s insanely abundant wisdom and creativity in creating *true* change, my life has really transformed.

I’ve gained confidence and stepped much deeper into my place as a strong and loving husband, father, and professional. I have learned to communicate with clarity and integrity, and be a source of stability and peace to those around me. If you’re looking for someone to sit by and listen to you talk about your problems and then let you go off on your merry way, then Zat is not your man. However, if you’re looking to be pushed to your edge in a patient and caring manner, then working with Zat will change your life. It’s that simple, and I am so very grateful to have worked with him Doron O.

The workshop left me feeling excited about life. Zat Baraka’s class was one of my favorite experiences from Lightning in a Bottle 2013. It was a hands on exercise in being present, connecting, and communicating in a clear and concise manner. It was everything that you could want in a workshop because it pushed your comfort limits and left you feeling excited about life. Zat’s calm composed demeanor, and his outlook on what it takes to be a man is truly refreshing. It wasn’t until taking his class that I realized how much we need strong male leaders like him to help cultivate the future leaders of our community. There’s so much more to learn. Parker H.

The Men’s Empowerment workshop with Zat Baraka was an absolutely fulfilling and liberating experience . Not only did I learn about myself and my fellow brothers, but together we created a space where everyone was safe to express their true feelings and desires. We were able to release any fears we held in relation to our own male aspects and confront the misconstrued beliefs we had about other mens’ maleness. We broke free from a lot of the bullshit mens’ competitive stereotype that we learn most of our lives and became allies and brothers.


Zat’s workshops are filled with a combination of grace, intense focus and a light uplifting mood. The practices he lead us through allowed me to get in touch with hidden aspects of my being and discover new ways of relating with men and women. Zat has a clear insight into the male-female relationship dynamics and his ways inspired me to create internal and external changes in how I relate with the world. I am grateful I was able to experience his work and a new way of connecting with deeper aspects of my self. I look forward to continue working with him. Bruno T.

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