Men’s Embodiment Practices




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Daily Practices to connect with presence and strength
Many men struggle with confidence and in the simple but elusive art of being present with others.

The Men’s Embodiment Practices takes you through two of the most important and foundational practices for any man seeking more presence, maturity, confidence, and a renewed sense of heart-centered courage.

The way of the healthy masculine is to be radically present in our interactions. When we are present, we have heightened awareness of our emotional state, which translates into more skill in relating to others. Presence practice allows you to immediately move into your body through breath. This is a crucial practice for men who want to deepen their relationship with the feminine.

The warrior is the most relatable archetype for men. In this practice, we connect with the energy of the warrior. When practiced regularly, men will have access to an inner confidence that is often buried beneath old programs of insecurity. Through this practice, men experience an inner strength arising spontaneously in times when it’s needed most.