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The Men’s Initiation Journey is a life altering one-to-one personal coaching program.  It is a deep dive into the heart of the healthy, mature masculine.

It is the journey of the warrior, the hero, and the seeker.

It is the journey of every man. Working within emotions, sacred spirituality, confidence, leadership, mens psychology, relationships and your sexulity.

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Most men share the same wants and desires: to increase their confidence, to have a dynamic and loving relationship, to be able to fully express themselves when with partners or friends,  to contribute to the world in a meaningful way, to avoid repeating mistakes of their parents or their past, and be financially successful.

In this program, we will gain clarity on your vision for your life, whilst doing this we will focus on your core challenges; sex, money, women, emotions, relationships, and purpose.

This is not a new age touchy feely program, it is a rite of passage that most men have never received. This is a crucial initiation into an empowered life for men that want to make an impact in this world.

Many of my clients experience these challenges:

  • Lack of sexual potency and / or unfulfilling sex life
  • Feelings of destructive anger
  • Feeling of being stuck or unclear
  • Confusion around their purpose and contribution
  • Procrastination and/or no discipline
  • Fear of claiming leadership
  • Feelings of being disconnected in personal and intimate relationships
  • Seeking spiritual practice or connections
  • Addictions to porn or other distractions
  • Unfulfilling career
  • Challenged by fear, sadness, anger, shame, etc.

Imagine what your world might look like if you had one or more of these issues resolved? Most of us cannot do this work alone.  If we could, the world might be very different.  Nothing is more important than being guided by a trusted master coach.  (Read my bio here).

In this program, not only will you manifest those desires,  you will also lean into your edge in relationships, sexuality, purpose, money, and leadership.  Through this process, you will find parts of yourself that have been hidden or lost for some time.

Yes, I will challenge you.  I will ask you to grow and be the man you have always imagined, I will help you to recognize and cultivate your gifts and find your gold within.

I work with men who are ready to effect radical change in their lives.  This journey is filled with inspiration, breakthroughs, and an ever deepening relationship to oneself. It’s nearly impossible to describe the profound beauty men experience as they learn to penetrate the world with a fierce loving heart.

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