Some men have a natural self-confidence, but many men I know and coach have to consciously work at increasing self-confidence. I would venture to say that most men lack true authentic confidence, having suffered from this for years I know the pain it can cause. This is why I am passionate about helping men with this.

Confidence comes in many colors and flavors. One way to confidence is through gaining competence and mastering a skill, i.e if you are a carpenter and you work for years gaining skill and receiving accolades, you will most like feel confident in your work.

Another confidence is based on self-esteem. This confidence is a sense that you can handle what is going around you in life, that you have intrinsic value as a person, that others see beauty and value in you.

For men there is another kind of confidence, masculine confidence. Masculine confidence is a strong sense of self-worth within the context of masculine qualities like strength, integrity, power, projective energy (cock power) etc..  Masculine confidence is a self-esteem that says “I am a strong man”, “I can provide for and protect my family”.

Another greatly important aspect of masculine confidence is the “I can sexually please my woman” confidence. When you feel you are not sexually pleasing your partner, your masculine confidence can come crashing down, which can create a domino effect of challenges. In my clients I have seen challenges like erectile issues and fear of having sex, which further diminishes confidence.

When you lack masculine confidence, it decreases your ability to hold space for your woman to be in her natural expression of being woman, with all of her beautiful wild moods. A woman may change her mind about what sexually feel best to her with each love making session.

The need for validation for being sexually proficient, takes you out of the art of sexual practice. The need for validation is a trap; it shows up as a fixation on the goal of giving your woman an orgasm (or even worse is the goal of just getting off yourself).

 I know first hand about how being selfish in sex can create separation from my partner, which defeats the higher purpose of making love.

Giving your woman an orgasm is very thoughtful guys, but it is really cheating yourself out of the possibilities for deeper intimacy and heart opening union with your partner.

Please note- I am not saying that men shouldn’t give women orgasms. I am saying to consider deepening your love-making.

Mastering masculine confidence is a practice, the practice of giving your presence, it is totally engaging with your lover with open eyes, without worry or fear that you may not be pleasing her.

Your masculine confidence asks to dissolve any stinginess around giving your fullest loving, it is the key to opening your woman, and creates passion filled and heart opening sex. More heart opening sex can increase your overall health and wellbeing not to mention a longer life.

Do you want better sex, or maybe more sex, do you want more masculine confidence in work and in life? 

I am offering a handful of complimentary coaching session for men for men interested in coaching. If you are interested then don’t wait.This is a life changer!

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