Sex is the most powerful force of nature; it has the potential to liberate when used consciously.

Sex is natural, it is the foundation and starting point of our lives.

Sex is beautiful, it creates life, it can create intimacy, it can bring ecstasy and elation. It improves your overall health. Your sexual energy helps you to bring life to a project, it inspires everyone, it is fodder for artists and poets alike.

But on the other shore of men’s sex, is a terribly sordid history. Sex can prompt one into manipulation; for many it is filled confusion and fear. So many of us make it more difficult than it needs to be.

Here are a few tips for you guys to consider in your sex life.

Use these tips as a way to create more intimacy and go deeper in your love connection, to break out of the boredom rut that many couples fall into. This is an opportunity to begin shifting your thinking and release old unnecessary beliefs around sex.

Slow down– slowing your sex down is probably one of the best ways to improve your lovemaking. Slow down your kissing, slow down your hand movements, and especially slow down the whole process. You don’t need to speed right to intercourse!

No Goal- release your need to give her an orgasm. Having a goal in mind just keeps you in your head rather than your heart. Stay more present in the act by releasing your goal to give orgasm.

No Sex, sex- try making love with your partner without having intercourse or oral sex. I have done this for a couple nights in row, then on the third night Wow.. This is a great way to create a sensational build of excited sexual energy. But remember to maintain the slow sex practice!