Sugar, oh how we love sugar. I love sugar! One of most addictive substances in the world, and it wreaks such havoc in body. Its pushed and peddled by big evil soft drink empires, pouring it down the throats of the masses to feed their bank accounts.

For men concerned with lower testosterone levels (losing hair is a serious concern for many men), according to some research, testosterone levels decrease after eating sugar (when insulin levels increase). Sugar can decrease sex drive, put unwanted pounds on, which can compromise testosterone levels.

Another HUGE issue is that sugar is the fuel that feeds parasites and candida, this is an epidemic of which most people do not know they have. Sugar may be a big part of cancer survival rates, sugar feeds viruses and bacteria (WOW sounds horrible huh) which can spiral into an array of serious health conditions.


When we eat sugar it clouds our mind, makes us fat, is hard on our liver (fructose sugar) and can damage your heart.

I have seen many men’s life change, by giving up the habit of sugar as their go to for pleasure. Less sugar = more energy, more vitality and can also lead to being a healthier eater overall.


Alright, so what to do?


  1. Deal with the underlying causes for sugars addiction. Begin investigating through your own research based on your symptoms, find a naturopath or other healer that has a great reputation.
  2. Join with a friend to go on a 21 day sugar-free challenge.
  3. Eat fermented foods.
  4. Reach for some fruit (lower sugar, like blueberries).
  5. Eat organic and natural sugar snack if you must.
  6. Substitue the habit with something else like: exercise or a cold shower.
  7. Drink lots of greens (especially when the cravings start in)
  8. My favorite idea is to use Omica liquid stevia. A couple drops in a glass of spring water can often satiate the craving.


My pièce de résistance is Omica’s stevia. This is without a doubt the absolute best on the market. It is widely known throughout the health and wellness circles as being the closest thing to sugar. Our bodies need a little sweet to complete the six tastes; sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, astringent.

This stevia is so delicious and has no after taste like all the others Stevias I have tried.


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