In the event that you aren’t paying attention, you should know that men (and women) are in the beginning stages of a very challenging, much needed and historic gender shift. Through this shift, men are painfully confused between the old ideas of masculinities and the newly forming behavioral expectations.



Researcher Jack Myers says “It will take decades but we are in the midst of an irreversible transformation. Women are gaining power and influence as traditional roles and expectations disappear and new gender norms evolve”.

You may think this doesn’t affect you or your family, but it most definitely does. It affects our everyday interactions in the world, the media, our relationships, education institutions, business structures, pretty much every nook and cranny of life.

When change happens there will always be those that resist it, and the polarized divide in our country shows that we are in the beginning stages of the decline of patriarchy (and there’s research/studies to prove it).

Woman have been fighting and working for equality for a long time, and things have been slowly changing. But men having been entrenched in patriarchy mindset for thousands of years are going to need some help in adapting, especially young men and boys.

The Marlborough man is long since dead and the new age sensitive whimp has been rejected, so where does that leave men.

I think for now it leaves us in a limbo of possibility; new healthy masculine role models are needed, more education and training. More conscious fathers and husbands…

And women, your help is greatly needed, one big piece would be to help stop perpetuating negative stereotypes of men.

Men are trying to create their new story, their new roles and trying to figure out our place in the evolving world.