New Masculine Webinar Series

“4 Essential Keys to Redefine Who You Are as a Man”


This FREE four-part webinar series will give you some of the tools you need to embody healthy masculine confidence, overcome fear and deepen in intimacy.

We’re all taught to believe we should figure out life, relationships, money, intimacy, purpose on our own … that we shouldn’t ask for or even need help along the way. No longer should we“man up” and go it alone.

Join a global brotherhood of conscious men on the path of personal/spiritual growth


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Webinar #1 – June 14th 2018

Overcoming Shame and Blame- Essential Practices to Awaken Confidence and Power.

Do you wish you were more confident? Do you struggle with feeling authentic in your relationships? You are not alone!
This webinar will enlighten you with simple tools that you can use in your day-to-day life that will help you live with more confidence and more importantly, with more personal power.


Webinar #2 – June 21st 2018

King, Warrior, Magician Lover: Accessing the Four Healthy Masculine Archetypes

Men commonly speak about these challenges

  • The sincere desire for having more confidence
  • Creating a fulfilling life in which they are living with purpose
  • The ability to make clear and fearless decisions
  • Not floundering in relationships and intimacy

Confidence is probably number one on the list.

Lack of confidence could also be called low-self worth, insecurity or plain old fear of being authentic in work and relationships. Whatever terms you use to describe this, all of these internal issues manifest as lack of confidence in yourself.

With low confidence comes performing at lower levels of competency. Lack of confidence equates to poor performance in our life endeavors. Neuroscience shows that lack of confidence also can lead to depression. It can become a cycle; low-self confidence, poor performance then depression. Doesn’t sound like an enjoyable way to live.

To gain more self-confidence requires you enter the path of healing and personal growth. It is a way of living and daily practice.

Confidence is not something that magically appears just because you hope for it. Authentic confidence is a result of consciously moving through issues that are present in your life. It is a refinement and maturity process. Authentic confidence is cultivated over time, through the pressure and heat that accompany hardships.

Understanding and using archetypes is a powerful tool on the path.
Working with archetypes call to us to more deeply contact our inner life. It is a practice of becoming more present and conscious men in our intimate life and relationships. They ask us to live courageously, stay active on our healing journey and renew our mission and purpose.


Webinar #3 – June 28th 2018

Intimacy Mastery- Simple Practices to Deepen in Healthy and Loving Intimacy

What are the three biggest feminine desires? How to move through barriers to deep intimacy?  How does masculinity come into play in intimacy? What is masculine depth?

Creating more depth of loving and longevity in a relationship takes effort.  It requires more than just good intention, it requires study and practice.

In this webinar, you will learn the three crucial pieces to experience more fulfillment and deeper connection in intimacy and relationship.



Webinar #4 – July 5th 2018

Enlightened Leadership - Expanding Range and Emotional Literacy

Join us Thursday, July 5th at 6:30 pm pst for a free 80-minute webinar.

On this webinar, you will learn the 3 biggest traps in leadership and you will learn tools to move beyond inauthentic bravado and the excuses that distract you from your highest potential.

Even if leadership comes naturally to you, without training and practice you can make painful leadership errors. Whether you lead a team of employees, your kid’s baseball team or you are a coach or mentor. Receiving training and having practices are will catapult you into a higher level of leadership mastery.

Awakened Leadership begins with self-mastery and embracing your gifts, talents. Learn to use practices to shift your state to bravely move into leadership in your life.

You will learn 3 big mistakes men make in leadership and 3 key tools to for awakened leadership.

This webinar we will not just talk, we will do practices to boost you on your personal growth journey!


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