When you are beginning to date a new woman, caring too much about how the first few dates will go is a waste of your energy. When I was dating and I was concerned about putting on my best face, my best show, my most confident self, I would end up feeling the crappiest.

I was too attached to the outcome of the date, I cared too much about what she thought about me. If I was really attracted to her, I would pay extra attention to how I showing up, because I REALLY wanted her to go out with me again.

I am not saying you shouldn’t be caring and mindful in how you are relating to her. I am not saying you shouldn’t be kind, funny, attentive or sweet with her. Not caring is not about being disconnect from her, its about being lovingly present with yourself.

I am suggesting to release the intensity about caring if she thinks your amazing.

 If you really want her to like you

If you really want her to be impressed by you

If you want her to be in awe of you

If you want her to think you’re sexy

If you want her to think you’re a worldly and spiritual dude

If you want her to swoon

If you want her to want you


Caring too much about what she thinks about you, gives off a certain odor, a stink if you will. Women can feel the energy behind your actions, don’t fool yourself guys they really can.

Try going into the date without caring if you ever see her again. Be natural and real!

When you approach interacting with a new women in your life this way, it can relax you and take the edge off. When you are more relaxed you can be more natural.

 The more natural you are, the more attractive you are.

BUT don’t do the “not caring” practice as a way to be more natural. Try really not caring about how the date will go!

Not caring is NOT recommended in a committed relationship. This suggestion is for guys that find themselves being overly concerned when they meet a new woman and are just getting to know them.

Lastly, do this practice in moderation, don’t obsess about not caring.

Let me know your thoughts…