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The New Masculine Program

A six-week online men’s transformational course & three day live event A crash course into the new masculine way of being; confidence, sex, purpose and money The New Masculine Program is experiential, informative, and interactive. Breaking through the limits of sex, confidence, maturity, money, relationships, and purpose. A six week, groundbreaking transformational program taught by leading luminaries of the men’s personal growth, teaching community, Zat Baraka will co-lead with Bryan Reeves and world class guest teachers to be announced. With over 45 years combined experience you will learn through weekly men’s group coaching calls, online content, reading materials, webinars,  partner groups, and a social media group. This men’s group coaching program is unlike any other out there! Pre register today and for early bird pricing

June 2018

Men’s Leadership Immersion

 A Five Month Advanced Men’s Group Course

Journey for 5 months with a small group of men who are committed to their personal transformation. Throughout the 5 months, we will focus on confidence, sexual empowerment, conscious relationship, purpose and career, Masculine presence, communication Mastery, and the power of brotherhood. This Immersion is a balanced blend of group practice, individualized coaching, and group accountability support. Each month you will receive:

  • Once a month (on a Sunday) from June till October, we will meet for an all day practice intensive
  • One-to-one coaching to address specific areas in your life that require attention
  • Monthly group Brotherhood Coaching Calls

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One-to-One Coaching

The Men’s Initiation Journey

A life altering one-to-one personal coaching program. A 3-month personal/spiritual growth training into the heart of the  mature masculine. This crucial initiation will support you to see into and through your patterns, habits, tendencies and blindspots – all that keeps you resistant, anxious or checked out of intimate relationships, that limits your ability to excel in a career of your choice, that even prevents you from getting your own needs met.

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The Men’s One Month Immersion

An individual coaching program for men that seek radical change in their life. It is the warriors path of personal development work, for the man that wants to embark on the path to mastery in the areas of work, women, purpose, confidence and sex. If you want a breakthrough on a specific challenge in life, your focus must first be on your own development.


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Events & Workshops

Zat’s charisma and eloquent communication is used to create sacred, safe space for men to share authentically and connect deeply with other men. Join Zat to cultivate male power through breath, movement, and other power-enducing practices designed to strectch you past your normal habits and tendencies.

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